About Kevin Schoeppel

Kevin_WEB_SMKevin Schoeppel’s interest in psychics began in 1975 when he fell in love with a girl who could predict the future. This relationship sparked his interest in social attitudes toward psychics, as well as in discovering whatever he could about how psychic ability worked. He married his wife, Stanna — a psychic — in 1978.

Kevin was raised in Southern Baptist churches, and began teaching the Bible in 1992. In 1999 he was ordained as a deacon by Pima Street Baptist Church of Tucson, and in 2006 was elected adult education director of the church.  While teaching Bible classes in the mid-2000s, his students began having more questions for Kevin on what the Bible really says about spirits, psychics, and mediums.  At the same time, he began to make friends with psychics and mediums through online social networking, many of whom were pleasantly surprised at his unconditional acceptance of them.  Kevin lives near Tucson, Arizona, with Stanna and their son Ryan.

Kevin is available for speaking engagements and interviews. Contact Kevin by email: kevinschoeppel@yahoo.com